«Zimbru Nord» - lucky is that for whom we deliver!

The transport company «Zimbru Nord» provides the following services:

1. International carriages of goods in CIS countries and Europe:
• Food products (in refrigerators that have a cooling system up to -30 °С and a load capacity between 5 - 20 tons): frozen and cooled meat and dairy products;
• Cereals and legumes via specialized means of transport that have a load capacity up to 20 tons;
• Woodworking industry products; • Transportation of standard freights in any corner of the world;
• Transportation of dangerous, fragile and expensive freights;
• Transportation of prefabricated freights;
• Transportation of construction materials;
• Transportation of equipment and household appliances;
• Transportation of liquid freights (vegetable oil, wine materials, drinks and other liquid freights).

2. Transportation of freights on the territorry of the Republic of Moldova by trucks with the following types of semi-trailers:
• refrigerators
• tent semi-trailers
• tank semi-trailers
• grain carriers

3. Transportation of passengers on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

4. Services for vehicles repair and maintenance:
• grinding works
• repair of chassis and suspension
• repair of the engine and speed gearbox
• oil change

Depending on the type of freight, «Zimbru Nord» JSC fulfills international carriages in the following manners:

5. By tent auto-trains with a load capacity up to 20 tons: The freights are delivered in any country by tent semi-trailers. The loading and unloading operations are carried out at the back part of the truck, laterally or at the top side of the vehicle. International carriages of freights by tent semi-trailers is used while transporting goods (transportation of standard and prefabricated freights; woodworking industry products; construction materials; transportation of equipment and household appliances; transportation of dangerous freights that refer to the category of dangerous (ADR); transportation of fragile and expensive freights).

6. By maintaining the temperature conditions and having a load capacity from 5 - 20 tons:
International transportations of goods are carried out by semi-trailers of refrigerator type that maintain the necessary temperature up to - 30°С inside the thermal insulation compartment. This allow the transportation of perishable food products (dairy products, meat products, fish and marine products, vegetables, fruits), as well as medicinal preparartions at long distances. Along with the cooled and frozen products transported in isothermic trucks, there can be carried out international carriages of goods that need heating.

7. International transportations by grain carriers, due to which there can be transported cereals and legumes (including wheat, oats, barley, maize grain, peas, sunflower seeds and other types of grains), as well as potato, carrot, sugar beet and other kinds of agricultural crops, by maintaining the necessary load capacity up to 20 tons.

8. Transportation of liquid freights (vegetable oil, wine materials, drinks and other types of liquids) is fulfilled by tank semi-trailers.

The tarrif for international transportations of goods can be found out on the telephone numbers indicated in the contact data, or by filling in the request form. The price for the freight will be established for each case individually, by taking into account the type, weight, dimensions of the freight, as well as the recipient country and the terms of delivery.

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